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New Product Launch - An Electrolyte for Scouring Calves

Calf Electrolyte New Product RESOLTZ

If results are what you're looking for, replenish them with the power of egg protein! Partnar Animal Health is proud to announce the release of their newest product, RESOLTZ Calf Electrolyte. This new electrolyte is for scouring beef and dairy calves and has been formulated to provide excellent RESOLTZ! Resoltz is an oral electrolyte that is made with egg protein in complexes and is used to replenish and hydrate calves who suffer from scours, diarrhea and GI imbalances. The Resoltz formulation offers a higher level of buffer, sodium acetate, twice as much egg protein complexes and is the only electrolyte to...

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Attending the AABP Annual Conference

AABP Tradeshow

Partnar Animal Health will be attending the 50th Annual American Association of Bovine Practitioners Conference happening September 14th to 16th, 2017 in Omaha, Nebraska. We are exciting to be participating in this conference and are looking forward to meeting up with large animal veterinarians from across the country. During this conference we will be introducing a brand new product into the "calf electrolyte" market and are very excited for the debut.  If you are attending the conference, drop by booth 822 and meet with Joel Warren, Sales & Business Development Manager and Greg Shewfelt, President of Partnar Animal Health. To learn...

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The Joy of the Season

People at our office have been looking forward to this day for weeks!  It is the last workday before we break for the holidays.  So it should be no big surprise that people are excited!  The surprising part is that one of the reasons they were looking forward to today is so that we can all participate together in our staff Christmas party. When you are in a business environment, you spend a great deal of time with your co-workers. People are all working together for one purpose; the benefit of the company.  That is pretty impressive when you think...

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Attending 2017 IETS Conference

2017 Events Embryo Transfer IETS Conference Ovum Pick-up Tradeshow

On January 14th to 17th, Partnar Animal Health will be present at the IETS Conference, in Austin Texas. This annual event is for veterinary professionals involved in embryo transfer and ovum pick up. Meet the Partnar team at our booth and learn more about our diverse line of products.  To learn more, visit the IETS website.   

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Revive Microbial Probiotics: Stimulate appetites in sick or stressed cows!

New Product Probiotics Revive Revive Extra Bolus Revive Microbials Revive Neo Formula

Following an outstanding response to this line of products from veterinarians and producers in Canada, Partnar Animal Health launches distribution in the US. Revive Microbial Probiotics are designed to introduce billions of desirable bacteria into the rumen – out-competing and replacing less productive or harmful strains commonly found in the gut. This improves fiber digestion and enhances vitamin B12 production (which is a natural appetite stimulant) ultimately getting sick or stressed cows to eat again!  Revive Extra Boluses are formulated for individual cattle. Use as an appetite stimulant in animals that are sick or off-feed, following surgery or as a...

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