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New Product Launch - An Electrolyte for Scouring Calves

Calf Electrolyte New Product RESOLTZ

If results are what you're looking for, replenish them with the power of egg protein!

Partnar Animal Health is proud to announce the release of their newest product, RESOLTZ Calf Electrolyte. This new electrolyte is for scouring beef and dairy calves and has been formulated to provide excellent RESOLTZ!

Resoltz is an oral electrolyte that is made with egg protein in complexes and is used to replenish and hydrate calves who suffer from scours, diarrhea and GI imbalances.

The Resoltz formulation offers a higher level of buffer, sodium acetate, twice as much egg protein complexes and is the only electrolyte to include propionate and zinc acetate which aids calves in attaining more energy from their milk. This electrolyte helps resolve the negative effect that scours brings to a calf by correcting the acidosis (pH change), put fluid back into the blood faster than what is being expelled and provides necessary antibodies from the egg protein to fend off life threatening pathogens.

Some key features of this product include:

  • Pre-measured 75g pouches, 6 per box
  • Dissolves quickly and easily in milk, water or milk replacer
  • Ideal osmolarity of 408 mOsm/kg

To learn more about RESOLTZ Calf Electrolyte, please visit our product information page here or contact us.

Partnar Animal Health has been manufacturing and distributing animal health and pharmaceutical products throughout the U.S and Canada since 2004. Partnar’s focus has been reproductive technologies, including their emP3 line of flush products, and specialty products geared to OPU, IVF, ET and AI in cattle and small ruminants. 

RESOLTZ Calf Electrolyte is available in the USA to veterinarians immediately through Partnar Animal Health. For a list of distributors we encouraged you to contact Partnar Animal Health directly. Toll free: 1 866 690 4998.

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