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Revive Microbial Probiotics: Stimulate appetites in sick or stressed cows!

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Following an outstanding response to this line of products from veterinarians and producers in Canada, Partnar Animal Health launches distribution in the US.

Revive Microbial Probiotics are designed to introduce billions of desirable bacteria into the rumen – out-competing and replacing less productive or harmful strains commonly found in the gut. This improves fiber digestion and enhances vitamin B12 production (which is a natural appetite stimulant) ultimately getting sick or stressed cows to eat again! 

Revive Extra Boluses are formulated for individual cattle. Use as an appetite stimulant in animals that are sick or off-feed, following surgery or as a preventative during times of stress due to freshening, weather, transport, etc.  A healthier gut allows for better nutrient absorption.

Revive Neo is a powdered, natural digestive probiotic designed to establish and maintain a healthy gut microflora in pre-ruminant calves. As a powder that mixes easily with milk or water, the formula out-competes harmful bacteria in the gut- providing a vigorous line of defence and ultimately, stronger, healthier calves.

“On-farm use has proven these products work.  Revive Microbials should be part of every veterinarian’s ‘tool box’ as an all-natural, first-choice option to promote animal health from the inside out”, says Greg Shewfelt, president of Partnar Animal Health.

To learn more about Revive Microbial Probiotics and see how Revive Extra Bolus and Revive Neo can get YOUR sick or stressed cows eating again, please visit www.revivemicrobial.com.

Partnar Animal Health has been manufacturing and distributing animal health and pharmaceutical products throughout the U.S and Canada since 2004. Partnar’s focus has been reproductive technologies, including their emP3 line of flush products, and specialty products geared to OPU, IVF, ET and AI in cattle and small ruminants. 

Revive Extra Bolus and Revive Neo Formula are available to producers immediately via www.revivemicrobial.com, or contact your veterinarian. Veterinarians are encouraged to contact Partnar Animal Health directly. Toll free: 1 866 690 4998.

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