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The Joy of the Season

People at our office have been looking forward to this day for weeks!  It is the last workday before we break for the holidays.  So it should be no big surprise that people are excited!  The surprising part is that one of the reasons they were looking forward to today is so that we can all participate together in our staff Christmas party.

When you are in a business environment, you spend a great deal of time with your co-workers. People are all working together for one purpose; the benefit of the company.  That is pretty impressive when you think about it, all of these strangers coming together with one goal in mind—to make the company succeed and grow.   When you are really lucky, these people come together as friends also.  That is when it brings in the laughter, the camaraderie, the inside-jokes and the smiles.  That is when the company really starts to succeed. That is when people start having fun at work.  Coming together as a team, with one goal.  It isn’t really the definition of “work”, but maybe it should be.

Looking around the table today at the smiles on the faces, the tacky sweaters, the amazing food, the homemade treats and the little presents everyone brought in for the gift exchange, I realize that this is what the people have been looking forward to.  Not just the end of the work week or the start of the holidays, but the opportunity to share some fun and laughter with these people they have come to know and enjoy.  They originally came together as individuals, but have created something bigger.  They have created a team.  They work together, but they have fun together as well.

That is a great reason to smile.

May you find joy in your holiday season also!

Happy Holidays from Partnar!

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