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Introducing New MicroQ Shipper - Now with Removable Core Technology

Incubator IVF Micro Q New Product

Partnar Animal Health exclusive! MicroQ Technologies is excited to launch its latest technology, specifically designed for the IVF industry – a MicroQ Unit with a Removable Core. This new unit couples the reliability of the MicroQ Shipping Device with the flexibility of core design, allowing for a larger payload and rapid production turnaround time. New Features & Benefits of the RCT RCT allows for customization of the core to fit most tubes in the veterinarian IVF industry Should the lab you are working with change the tubes they ship; with the RCT devices, changing the core is easy and inexpensive...

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New Product Launch - An Electrolyte for Scouring Calves

Calf Electrolyte New Product RESOLTZ

If results are what you're looking for, replenish them with the power of egg protein! Partnar Animal Health is proud to announce the release of their newest product, RESOLTZ Calf Electrolyte. This new electrolyte is for scouring beef and dairy calves and has been formulated to provide excellent RESOLTZ! Resoltz is an oral electrolyte that is made with egg protein in complexes and is used to replenish and hydrate calves who suffer from scours, diarrhea and GI imbalances. The Resoltz formulation offers a higher level of buffer, sodium acetate, twice as much egg protein complexes and is the only electrolyte to...

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Revive Microbial Probiotics: Stimulate appetites in sick or stressed cows!

New Product Probiotics Revive Revive Extra Bolus Revive Microbials Revive Neo Formula

Following an outstanding response to this line of products from veterinarians and producers in Canada, Partnar Animal Health launches distribution in the US. Revive Microbial Probiotics are designed to introduce billions of desirable bacteria into the rumen – out-competing and replacing less productive or harmful strains commonly found in the gut. This improves fiber digestion and enhances vitamin B12 production (which is a natural appetite stimulant) ultimately getting sick or stressed cows to eat again!  Revive Extra Boluses are formulated for individual cattle. Use as an appetite stimulant in animals that are sick or off-feed, following surgery or as a...

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