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Introducing New MicroQ Shipper - Now with Removable Core Technology

Incubator IVF Micro Q New Product

Partnar Animal Health exclusive!

MicroQ Technologies is excited to launch its latest technology, specifically designed for the IVF industry – a MicroQ Unit with a Removable Core. This new unit couples the reliability of the MicroQ Shipping Device with the flexibility of core design, allowing for a larger payload and rapid production turnaround time.

New Features & Benefits of the RCT

  • RCT allows for customization of the core to fit most tubes in the veterinarian IVF industry
  • Should the lab you are working with change the tubes they ship; with the RCT devices, changing the core is easy and inexpensive
  • The RCT version delivers a bigger payload
  • Offers the same MicroQ reliability in terms of temperature control; the unit both heats and cools to maintain the pre-set temperature +/- 0.0625ºC

Click here to learn more about the RCT's features and benefits and view product info sheet.

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