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Easy Boss E

Easy Boss E


The Easy Boss E is an oral distraction tool that can reduce fear and stress in your animal when being treated, groomed, tagged etc, and increases safety for both the animal and the stockman. Made of stainless steel tubing it stimulates the animal’s chewing behaviour and calms the animal considerably so they are much more docile in the head gate. Oral medicine (liquid) can also be delivered to cattle using the Easy Boss E. 



"We used the Easy Boss E on a heifer that wouldn't let her calf drink. This would typically take hours of repeated attempts only took minutes. we feel very good with the results and confident to recommend to others. It's definitely a piece of mind tool to have on the farm" 
Hank & Maria Franken, Purebred Black Angus producers, Rivers MB
"We re recently just used the Easy Boss E for the first time. What a difference it made on the state of mind of the heifers! Once chewing on the device they were completely relaxed and we were able to complete our work much faster with less stress to the animal and user. My son in law said we paid for it in the very first use..the rest is bonus". 
Marvyn Williams, Cookup

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