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If Results are what you are looking for...
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Resoltz® Calf Electrolyte 
Nutritional Supplement for Calves

Resoltz® is an oral electrolyte made with egg protein in complexes that mixes easily with water, milk or milk replacer. Use to replenish and hydrate calves who suffer from scours, diarrhea and GI imbalances. 

The Resoltz® formulation represents the most up-to-date thinking in rehydration for calves. A higher level of buffer, sodium acetate, twice as much egg protein complexes and the only electrolyte to include proprionate & zinc acetate to aid calves in getting more energy from their milk.



Directions for use:

Add entire contents of one pouch (75 g of powder) to 2 quarts of warm water, milk, or milk replacer. Stir or shake well. Feed by nipple bottle or esophageal feeder. It is recommended to feed this supplement twice daily for 2 days. Feeding may be administered between normal milk or milk replacer feedings.

Store in a cool, Dry Place
Made in the USA

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Resoltz® Calf Neonate Paste 
Feed Supplement for Calves

Resoltz® Calf Neonate Paste is a palatable feed supplement for newborn calves, containing egg proteins in complexes that provides support within the first 12 hours of life. Resoltz® Calf Neo Paste comes in a 35 mL single-dose oral syringe for easy dispensing.


Beef Calves   Dairy Calves


• Egg protein in complexes offers 
  antibodies and bind to the pathogens
  that entered the gut
• Ideal to be administered within 11 hours
  of life or during time of stress (transportation)
• Single-use oral syringe

Recommended Use

Give entire tube to calf within 11 hours of life.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Fat (Min.) 12.5 %, Crude Protein (Min.) 10 %,
Ash (Min.) 1.7 %, Moisture (Min.) 37.4 %


Egg powder, Water, Carboxymethylcellulose,
Flavor agent, methyl paraben, propyl paraben.


35 mL Single-Use Syringe
12 per case

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